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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Digging the Dirt Readers’ Survey

I’ll be taking a break from Digging the Dirt for a couple of weeks and so I thought I’d take the opportunity to conduct a quick readers’ survey.

I’d love to get your feedback.

It’s just a quick multiple choice survey of 10 questions, and will only take a couple of minutes – something to do in between scoffing chocolate eggs (and don't worry, it's anonymous!).

Thanks for taking part and I hope you have a Happy Easter.

Click here to take survey.

Update 25/4/12

A huge thanks to those of you who took the time to respond to my survey. I really appreciate your comments and I'm encouraged by the responses.

I don't propose making any major changes to the blog for the time being as you seem happy with the way it currently works. I'll post as often as I can, depending on other commitments.

Opinion amongst the respondents was split pretty much down the middle on the question of guest bloggers. I'm still open to the idea, if anyone's interested, but I won't actively try and seek any out for now.

I'm not going to make any major changes to the layout as I'm already operating at the limits of my IT skills, and I like to keep things simple! You seem to like the way it looks anyway.

I'm going to keep the survey open for a while longer in case anyone else wants to have a go. 

Thanks again.