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Digging the Dirt is a blog on recent developments in commercial property law in England. 

It's not a comprehensive legal update site, but more of a magazine; a bit random and definitely not to be relied upon.

I haven't been posting so regularly on this blog of late as I've been using twitter instead to post legal updates and links to articles which may be of interest - even less verbose and more up to date!

Click on the twitter icon opposite and follow me to see those updates. I'll still keep posting here occasionally though when I feel the need. Please subscribe using the link opposite if you want to be alerted to new blog posts by email.

I've been a property lawyer for 25 years, but I certainly don't think I've got all the answers. If I've made any howlers, let me know - preferably in a nice way!

I write this blog in my spare time - I don't have legions of fact checkers - so like I say, don't rely on it for anything important (for more of this lawyer-like exclusion of responsibility, check the disclaimer at the foot of the page).

Why Digging the Dirt?

I worked for some years as an associate in the London office of an American law firm. I discovered whilst I worked there that in the US attorneys who specialise in “real estate” law are often called “dirt lawyers”, which amused me.

Being an obsessive photographer, I try to use photographs I've taken myself as much as possible on this blog to illustrate the posts (some of them fill space at the bottom of this page). 

About me

I qualified as a solicitor in England & Wales in 1990 and have over 25 years experience in commercial property law. 

For several years I was a partner in the London office of a regional firm and prior to that I worked as an associate in two large City firms. 

Based in London, I'm now a consultant for the niche property law firm Stepien Lake LLP, as well as undertaking other consultancy work.

You can find a brief summary of my background and professional experience by clicking on the “View my complete profile” tab opposite and by visiting my profile on LinkedIn.

I occasionally get requests but sorry, I'm unable to advise anyone individually on any specific matters or problems directly through this blog – please see the disclaimer at the foot of this page for more about that - and I don't respond to anonymous enquiries.