Digging the Dirt is a blog on recent developments in commercial property law in England. 

It's not a comprehensive legal update site, but more of a magazine; a bit random and definitely not to be relied upon.

I haven't been posting so regularly on this blog of late as I've been using twitter instead to post legal updates and links to articles which may be of interest - even less verbose and more up to date!

Click on the twitter icon opposite and follow me to see those updates. I'll still keep posting here occasionally though when I feel the need. Please subscribe using the link opposite if you want to be alerted to new blog posts by email.

I've been a property lawyer for nearly 30 years, but I certainly don't think I've got all the answers. If I've made any howlers, let me know - preferably in a nice way (a novel approach for the Internet, I know).

Why Digging the Dirt?

I worked for some years as an associate in the London office of an American law firm. I discovered whilst I worked there that in the US attorneys who specialise in “real estate” law are often called “dirt lawyers”, whether that was a term of affection or derision seemed to depend on the context.

Being an obsessive photographer, I try to use photographs I've taken myself as much as possible on this blog to illustrate the posts, especially as I own the copyright to them!

About me

I qualified as a solicitor in England & Wales in 1990 and have nearly 30 years experience in commercial property law. 

I read Jurisprudence at Lincoln College, University of Oxford from 1984-7. It's what Oxford called, and continues to call, its Law degree.

For several years I was a partner in the London office of a regional firm and prior to that I worked as an associate in two large City firms. 

Based in London, I'm now a consultant for the niche property law firm Stepien Lake LLP, as well as undertaking other consultancy work.

You can find a brief summary of my background and professional experience by clicking on the “View my complete profile” tab opposite and by visiting my profile on LinkedIn.

I occasionally get requests but sorry, I'm unable to advise anyone individually on any specific matters or problems directly through this blog – please see the disclaimer at the foot of the main blog page for more about that - and I don't respond to anonymous enquiries.

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